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RElevant Enterprises, Inc.
We bring to you REgel...RElieve-REpair-REcover

REgel is the new pain relieving gel that will help repair your injured body and recover faster for your next workout or competition.

REgel was created by a Master’s Track and Field sprinter tired of using muscle rubs that had a bad smell and simply did not work.  All of REgel’s ingredients are all natural and include Arnica, chamomile, turmeric and green tea. REgel does not contain P.E.D. (Performance Enhancing Drugs)

Most muscle rubs on the market mask pain with camphor and menthol.  They give a false sense of security by creating an icy/heating sensation. We believe in providing a product that comes from mother earth and uses natural ingredients full of anti-oxidants that doesn’t mask pain but promotes healing.